You can take action against sexual violence by showing your community the line. We have made the following resources available for you to download, print and share.


6 Postcards were developed to depict different scenarios of violence happening against women and the importance of how to Draw-the-Line and either how to prevent; help or stop the violence.


Two promotional posters have been developed as a visual to further help promote Draw-the-Line campaign in First Nations.


Our first poster was developed because of the lack of traditional parenting and family breakdowns in the first nations’ communities. We thought it very important to depict a mother and her children.

It is important to include a young male in promoting the campaign. This doesn’t only effect women it affects all members of our communities and we aspire to have every young male on board with the campaign.

Facilitator Manual

Download Manual

This manual is intended for individuals and/or organizations who want to implement the ‘First Nations Draw the Line’ campaign.

The guide leads you through the campaign concepts, branding model and ways to bring the campaign to life. It includes a comprehensive list of definitions and statistics.

Although we recognize that men are also survivors of sexual violence, this campaign is primarily directed at women.

If the campaign material triggers or upsets you, please see our list of available support services please visit our Where To Get Help page.

To request additional campaign material, please contact us